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Human LBT gangs new nightwaer by Animedalek1
Human LBT gangs new nightwaer
Ok here's something I made when I got board. I thought I'd make different nightwear for the gang (Chomper and Ali too) (I didn't do one for Ruby as the nightwear I made for her is the most recent and I couldn't really think of a new nightwear for her.)  There still mostly the same type of nightwear I originally gave them just a different style, or with shorter sleeves, or have more references to their dino counterparts etc . The most altered are Cera's. While I do like the PJs I made for her, I thought I'd give her a more tomboyish pair. NOTE I made a small update and changed Petrie's PJs as I thought the previous ones looked a bit too similar to Littlefoot's.
Human LBT Android Spinosaurus by Animedalek1
Human LBT Android Spinosaurus
After making a humanoid version of Guido, I thought I'd do a android version of the Spinosaurus from LBT 12.
Yes I intend to do a humanized version of the gang and Guido been chase by the spino scene.
Like my android version of Thud and Screech, I've given him a hand laser gun that he keeps in a holster. Appose to built in laser guns like other android sharpteeth I've done.
Human LBT mutant Guido by Animedalek1
Human LBT mutant Guido
Ok this is my kind of human version of Guido from the land before time 12. I had the idea to make him a mutation. My idea for his back story is he was kidnapped by Redclaw and was experimented on, but it went wrong, and Guido ended up as a half human half Microraptor hybrid .
My top 15 Saddest Moments in my favorite media by Animedalek1
My top 15 Saddest Moments in my favorite media
Here are my top 15 saddest and down beat moments from my favourite movies and TV shows.
Warning there are some spoiler's in this list if your new to the media in it.

1. Death of Littlefoot's mum in the land before time... Need I say more..:(
2. The original trio breaking up in pokemon season 5, or Misty leaving as a main character, Brock came back till the end of the DP era.
3. The Doctor and Roes been separated in a parallel world in dr who season 2 final Doomsday.
4.Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 and 2, just those 2 films, they had a lot of down beat moments and deaths...
5. The death of Burai in Zyuranger. The Japanese show mighty morphin power rangers was based off.
6. Misty and Togetic departing in Pokemon season 7. I was gutted when I first saw this. To me one of the worst decisions the producers made on pair with writing Misty out as a main character.
7. Pudding's back story in Tokyo mew mew episode 20. With Pudding been my favourite character I was gutted for her when I learnt her mum died, and that scene were she cry's near the end really got to me.
8. The doctor, Amy and Rory's departure in dr who Angles take Manhattan...
9. Ash and Butterfree's departure in pokemon season 1. Yes like a lot of long time fans, I was gutted with this scene as a kid..
10. The Doctor leaving his granddaughter Susan at the end of The dalek invasion of earth, in the classic dr who era.
11. Kisshu's death in Tokyo mew mew episode 51. That episode is pretty down beat, but the scene that got me most was Kisshu dying while trying to help Ichigo.
12. The origin of Mewtwo. I can understand why this was cut from the English dub of the first pokemon movie when it was first released.. 
13. Morden Dr who season 1 episode 6, Dalek. One of the rare times I actually felt bad for a dalek.
14. Morden dr who again episode 8 Fathers day.
15. The green ranger/ Tommy losing his powers, in mighty morphin power rangers season 1. Sure he got them back later and then become the white ranger, but it's still quite a sad moment. And was originally going to be Tommy's last appearance. 

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My Top 10  Favorite Character Gangs Teams Duos Etc by Animedalek1
My Top 10 Favorite Character Gangs Teams Duos Etc
Here are my top ten favourite fictional teams, gangs and duos from my favourite media.

1. Littlefoot and co from the land before time.
2. The original pokemon trio Ash, Brock and Misty.
3. Tokyo mew mew.
4. The original might morphin power rangers (with green ranger) or Zyuranger.
5. The VR Troopers (mainly season 2 with the space sheriff Shaider suite)
6. Diddy Dick and Dom (For those who don't know they were characters in a British Saturday morning kids show)
7.The cult of Skaro, a group of daleks from the 10th Doctor era.
8. The Koopaling from the super Mario franchise.
9. Harry, Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter movies.
10. Link and princess Zelda.

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My main hobby is drawing.
I'm a big Doctor Who fan.
I'm also a bit of an anime fan. Mainly of pokemon, I was really into Tokyo mew mew too but my fandom for that has worn off quite a bit.
I also like dinosaurs, mainly the land before time franchise.
I'm best known for doing humanized land before time stuff in anime style.
I also like the Zelda and games.
Also I don't take requests, so don't ask.


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